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Rick Helm has been married since 1989 to his wife Dianna and has 3 grown children: son Ian, daughter Deanna and son Quinlan. He lives in Bucks County, PA but has lived on both coasts and places in between. He has been in several industries before landing in the insurance space; construction, credit card processing, and as a manufacturer’s rep. As a new Agency Owner he is now focused on helping all of his agents build their own agencies.

"What makes Symmetry so attractive is the ability to control my destiny. It has everything you need for success…a personal mentor (mentors), a proven duplicatable system and an incredible culture built by people I like to be around. This model has truly uncapped potential for anyone who is willing to learn something new and seriously apply themselves on a consistent, intentional basis. I can include my family in this business and build a legacy that will outlive me. It may not be for everyone, but I am so glad George and Janet Mathews found me!"

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