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Jonathan Dally has been with Symmetry since August 2020. He is 35 years old and has been married for 5 years to his wife Laura. They have 3 beautiful children: Delaney (4), Dexter (4), and Mason (10). In high school, he played four sports but went to college to play as Quarterback on a full scholarship at the Division 1 Level.

After his college career, Jonathan spent 6 seasons in Europe traveling and playing football

(the American version).

He met his wife while playing football.  After retiring from football, he moved to Richmond, VA to begin the next chapter of life: fatherhood!

"I’ve been at Symmetry for 2 years, and I’m certain there’s no better place for me to discover the best version of myself. At this point in my Symmetry journey, what I value most is the flexibility to control my own destiny and the freedom to “run my own race.” I love the people (culture), structure (leadership), and the foundation on which this company was built (core values). Symmetry simply means balance and, before finding the Forehand’s, I was just tip-toeing the sideline.

Jonathan Dally - Agency Owner_edited.jpg


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